Save A Life


There is no greater love than that of new life. Through the various charities we donate to, babies are being saved everyday. 

183,583 Infants Served 

28,400 Heath Care Providers Trained to Save Infants

9,200 Mothers Educated 

37 Countries Worldwide  

Every purchase at Littlest Prince Couture helps meet these numbers.  

The Problem: 

Each year, 20,000,000 premature and low birth weight babies are born. 
450 of those die every hour. 
The leading causes of these deaths are both preventable and treatable. 

How We Are Working To Fix The Problem: 

Littlest Prince Couture donates 100% of the net profits of every sale to three main organizations that help babies around the world, as well here in the United States. 
newborns-in-need-1.jpg newborns-in-need-2.jpg
Founded upon Christian principles of love and acceptance, “NIN” has provided essential items without charge to those in need since 1992.  95% of all monies raised by Newborns In Need go to programs and services!


  • NIN was founded to help babies in need in our own Nation. 
  • Volunteers provide Newborn Immediate Need Kits filled with basic necessities for a newborn during the first few weeks of life. For babies born into poverty, this NIN Kit may be the only thing that mother has for her new child.   
  • In the unfortunate event that an infant does not survive, Newborns in Need provides miscarriage wraps and full-term burial gowns to dress the baby. This is often the only clothing the infant ever wears.  
  • In 2014, Newborns In Need donated 475,000 items, which served 39,583 babies! 
Embrace’s mission is to advance maternal and child health by delivering innovating solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations.


  • Embrace has developed an innovative, low cost infant warmer that costs less than 1% of the cost of traditional solutions, while allowing infants to remain in close contact with their mother.Embrace hires local staff to conduct thorough needs assessments and donate infant warmers to under-resourced communities with high volumes of low birth weight and premature infants.
  • Embrace trains health care staff on how to recognize, treat, and prevent hypothermia. 
  • Embrace provides hands-on education to mothers and caregivers on how to care for their low birth weight infants, including Kangaroo Mother Care.


The Neonatal Resuscitation Training Fund consists of volunteer medical teams that provide resuscitation training and equipment to doctors and their assistants in countries where newborn mortality is high. 


  • Instead of solely providing money or supplies, the fund provides the education necessary to deliver sustainability and self-sufficiency to the medical staff of developing countries.
  • The newly trained personnel can then in turn train other doctors and medical personnel and save thousands of lives. 
  • Last year the NRT trained 900 doctors, nurses, and Midwives in Namibia, 500 in the Dominican Republic, and 600 in Ecuador. 


Read more about the Neonatal Resuscitation Training Fund and their efforts worldwide.