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We utilize cookies and other similar technology on our platform. We are Limited and all of its affiliates are collectively referred to as "," "us," "our," or "we." You may contact us if you have any questions about how we use cookies and other similar technologies by using the information provided in this Cookie Notice.

This Cookie Notice is applicable to our website, Our Privacy Notice is applicable if we gather your personal data through cookies and other similar technologies. Here is a link to our privacy statement.

This Cookie Notice may occasionally update. We will always post the most recent version on our platform.

You have the option of approving or disapproving the use of numerous non-strictly required cookie categories. You always have the choice to revoke your agreement. If you reject any cookies, we cannot guarantee that our platform will work correctly; you could lose some functionality or not be able to access some sites.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

    When you visit our site, little text files known as cookies are saved on your computer or mobile device. Local objects, also known as flash cookies, web beacons, pixels, browser fingerprinting technologies, and any other technology that saves or accesses data on the user's device are examples of "similar technologies" that come under the general term "cookies."

     Which cookies do we use?

      We employ first-party and third-party cookies. Cookies that are set by us are first-party cookies. Cookies that are put by a domain other than our domain are known as third-party cookies. This indicates that these cookies were placed by someone other than us. For more information on how any third party processes information obtained by third-party cookies, please refer to their privacy statement.

       We distinguish between the following types of cookies we use on our platform:

      (1) Essential cookies

      These cookies are strictly required in order to deliver the service you requested, and we only use them to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications through electronic communications networks. Therefore, certain cookies cannot be disabled since doing so might prevent several technical capabilities from working correctly. These cookies make it possible for you to access and use our platform and guarantee its correct operation, security, and functionality. Essential cookies can be used without permission.

       (2) Functional cookies

      These cookies improve your browsing and buying experiences on our site. Additionally, these cookies assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of our platform, apps, services, and tools. This evaluation includes your user activity, such as how you use our messaging feature and which pages and links you visit. It's possible that certain services won't work correctly if you don't permit these cookies.

       (3) Analytical cookies

      These cookies are used to analyze user preferences, determine the size of our audience, and enhance our platform. These statistics help us make better decisions about which items to endorse and how to build and enhance the security of our platform. We can provide our services and a better platform as a result of our study and analysis. These analytical cookies are third-party cookies that were placed by websites other than the one you are now viewing, such as Google. These cookies only gather aggregated data, which makes it all anonymous.

      (4) Targeting cookies

      These cookies keep track of the pages and links you've viewed while using our platform so that we may show you adverts for our goods based on your previous browsing activity. This enables us to display to you on our platform ads that are pertinent to you. You will still see adverts if you refuse to accept these cookies, but they might be less pertinent to you.

       Your options

      You may change your browser's settings if you do not want cookies stored on your computer. Additionally, you may modify your browser's settings so that it only accepts third-party cookies or denies all cookies. You can delete cookies that have been placed. The settings for each browser and machine you use will need to be changed. Each browser has a different method for changing these parameters. To get directly to your browser's manual or, if required, use the help feature, click on one of the icons below.
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