Before You Start

I'll be honest - I've never personally been a stickler for washing clothes before wearing them, but if you're going to take pictures, make sure you at least throw them in the dryer for a few minutes to steam out the folds and any wrinkles and creases from packaging/shipping.

OR you can get a clothing steamer. These cost about $20 at Amazon. Mine was a little more expensive (you can check it out here) but seriously, this thing is LIFE. CHANGING. I always (always always) forget to take my clothes out of the dryer, so everything I own is always wrinkled, and I can heat this thing up in about 30 seconds and have perfectly wrinkle-free clothing within 2 minutes without lugging out my ironing board. Not sponsored, just something that changed my life, haha!


Professional equipment is never mandatory. If you have a DSLR camera, great! If not, try to use portrait mode whenever possible to get that "professional" look.

When and Where

The best pictures are always taken in natural light, regardless of whether you take pictures indoors or outdoors.

When taking pictures indoors, try to pick a room that has a lot of natural sunlight. Ideally you don't want to be directly in the sun, where it is casting a lot of shadows in the room.

When taking pictures outdoors, the best light is early in the morning and just before sunset. In the middle of the day, you'll want to find a shaded area (usually shade from a building is best, so there aren't weird shadows from branches, leaves, or other objects). Some of the best days for pictures are cloudy days!

What to Wear

Mix and match the clothes you wear so you can showcase the items in different outfits. This means BOTH showing the items in different combinations together, as well as combining them with items you already own.

We have two goals:

1. Show that Littlest Prince is a one-stop-shop where you can get an entire outfit for a great price

2. Show that anything you buy from Littlest Prince will also work with items you already own, so you aren't forced to buy a lot

Types of Pictures

The best reps take a variety of pictures, some of which are styled and posed, and some that are candid. Of course, we want to have pictures that clearly show the clothing, which is best achieved with posed pictures, but we also want to show that these are REAL boys wearing the clothes, and REAL boys are wild, and crazy, and never sit still!

You may also want to get creative with the clothing. Here are some ideas to go above and beyond:

  • Stage a fun scene with props that complement the clothes
  • Create a flat lay with other clothing items and accessories
  • Highlight some of the fun little details that we include in each piece

Scheduling Pictures

Let me be clear that I don't ever expect this program to impact your regular life and get in the way of things that are actually important. I try to create everything so that it can be done alongside what you are already doing, rather than taking up tons of extra time.

So if you find it difficult to find the time to take pictures, the best thing to do is just to have your little prince wear the clothes as often as possible in various combinations. Then, whenever he happens to do something cute, or you find yourself on an unexpected adventure, you are already prepped to take pictures! Overall, you'll be able to just take pictures as part of your normal daily routine, rather than trying to alter your daily routine to fit in taking pictures.



Take a video while opening up your package. Show the package contents, your reactions to the clothes, your favorite details, first reactions, etc. You can also talk about the little extra packaging details, like the backpack and packing slip.

Video Review

Post a video of yourself talking about the clothes, the company, your experiences, or other details.

Kid Video

Take a video of your child explaining what THEY like about the clothes. Or, if they can't talk yet, you can still show a live video where you point out your favorite details while they are actually wearing the clothes and moving around and playing in them.

Use Animations

Instead of a video, you may want to use a still picture. Add text, captions, or even animations to point out your favorite details and the features and benefits of each piece of clothing.

Be Featured

If you want to be featured on OUR stories, be aware that we don't repost stories that include referral/affiliate information. Obviously we want you to promote your code so you can earn commissions, so make and post two different versions of your story - one with your code, and one without.



We've all been on social media for a LONG time, so we have our own little routines and habits already ingrained in our lives in how we interact on social media. Sometimes trying to actively *remember* to like and comment on our posts when you are typically a passive observer (that's me!) is hard! If this sounds like you, try this - simply turn on notifications for Littlest Prince on instagram and facebook. When you see a notification pop up, jump in and like/comment. Then you can go back to your normal routine and zone out every other time you are scrolling through social media.


Instead of always commenting on the post itself, try to engage with other commenters and strike up a conversation. :)


Direct Links

If we are having a sale on a specific product or collection, do the heavy lifting for your followers. Post a link directly to the product or collection so they don't have to search for what they want.

If you are an affiliate, you'll want to go into your affiliate dashboard and create an affiliate link to that page so that you still get credit and commission for the order. These affiliate links are not as short and sweet as your normal link, so you will want to put that link in your bio. If you rep for multiple companies or want to have multiple links to various websites in your bio, there are several different services (some of which are free) that you can use to do this! Here are some of the most popular ones:

Another benefit to using referral links is that if a customer clicks on your link, we put a tracking cookie on their computer/device. That cookie will last for 30 days. Even if they aren't ready to make a purchase that day, if they come back and complete their purchase in the next 30 days, you will still earn the commission! So all you need to do is get them to our site! Then we'll do the work for you with all the systems we have in place to send them abandoned cart emails, promotional emails when they sign up for our newsletter, re-marketing ads, etc. And you still get the commission!

Stacking Coupons

Don't forget that our website NEVER allows multiple coupons on the same order. If we are offering an awesome coupon, you'll want to make sure your friends/family/followers use OUR coupon, not yours. This means that in order to get credit/commission on the order, they need to use your referral link.

Graphics and Pictures

We will always try to provide graphics and images that you can use when promoting the sale. As much as possible, we will create multiple versions and formats that you can share.

That being said, the most successful posts are ones that you create yourself! Share an image of your own kid wearing the clothes (especially if they are wearing an item that pertains to the sale), talk about your own experiences and what you like about the brand and the sale itself. Make it personal!

But I know we are all busy parents, so in a pinch, the graphics we provide will work great, too. :)

Where to Post

If all you ever do is share the sales on your social media feed, you're missing out!

Obviously, you will get a lot of exposure in your normal feed, but try sharing in neighborhood groups or other groups, or in online forums outside of social media. Since most of our sales are short-term flash sales, just make sure you are posting in places that have a decent amount of traffic, and include clear information about when the sale ends.


One of the most powerful ways to promote sales is to send direct messages to your friends/family/followers. However do not, I repeat DO NOT, copy and paste the same message to everyone you know. I never ever endorse spam! Take the time to pick out some items that you really think they would personally like, and send them a message letting them know you were thinking of them and thought they would appreciate knowing about the sale or coupon that could really benefit them. Take the time to make it personal and meaningful.


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