STEP 1: Sign and return your Brand Representative Agreement

The first step to complete after you have been accepted as an LPC Prince is to sign your Brand Representative Agreement. We made this form electronic so we can save a few trees and stay more organized :)

You can fill out the agreement here.

If you would like a pdf copy of the agreement, you can download it here.

STEP 2: Create an account on our store

In order to receive your additional Brand Rep discount, you will need to create an account in our online store. Please click here to set up your account.

STEP 3: Sign up for the Crown Club rewards program

In order to earn additional free product, you will need to sign up for The Crown Club, our rewards program, so we can give you Crowns (points) for various activities you complete. Please click here to learn more and set up your account.

STEP 4: Sign up for the Littlest Prince Affiliate Program (optional) 

Once you have completed all of your paperwork for being an LPC Prince, you may want to also sign up for our Affiliate Program. This program allows you to earn commissions on all purchases that you refer to us. So not only will you get free product, but you'll earn some cash as well!

For more information on the affiliate program and to enroll, click here.


How do I get my first monthly code?

Within 7 days after submitting your signed Brand Representative Agreement, you will receive your first monthly coupon code, good for $40 in free product. You can use this code toward any products in our LPC Princes collection - a curated collection of products from our store, which will change each month. We'll have a wide variety of products available at any given time, in multiple styles, sizes, and price ranges. If, however, you have your eye on a particular product and it is not included in this collection, you'll still be able to use your storewide discount to purchase it at a reduced price.

Please note that due to the way our store is set up, we are unable to offer free shipping in addition to your monthly free product coupons, so you will be responsible to cover the $6 shipping charge on your order, unless your order qualifies for free shipping (after your discount and coupon have been applied).

How do I get my ongoing monthly codes?

Approximately every 30 days, we will evaluate your account to ensure that you have fulfilled all of your monthly requirements and are still in good standing in the program. If everything looks good, you'll be issued another coupon! This can go on as long as you continue to meet your requirements each month.

If you use the coupon code for any given month, we'll consider that your acknowledgement that you will complete your requirements for that month.

How do I use my additional Brand Rep discount?

As long as you are logged into your account, you will automatically receive your 15% off discount on any purchases made, including when you redeem your monthly code. Your discount is valid on both full price and sale products. You can even combine your Brand Rep discount with other discounts and promotions that we offer!

Please remember that this discount is only for products purchased for personal use or personal gifts, and the products are not allowed to be resold. If we find that you have been abusing the discount in any way, you will be removed from the program immediately.

Please note that the Brand Rep discount is only valid on purchases made directly on and cannot be redeemed toward purchases on any third party websites.

IMPORTANT - Please keep in mind that with your discount, the prices displayed when you browse our website are NOT what other customers see, because of your discount. In addition, pricing can change at any time, without notice. When you post about products, please do not refer to specific prices, to avoid any problems. You can talk about how they are a great deal, or affordable, or other generic terms, but do not reference specific prices.

How do I earn extra rewards in the Crown Club?

To earn extra rewards and more free product, make sure you have an active account in our free Rewards Program, called The Crown Club. All LPC Princes can continue to earn Crowns on all purchases made via

In addition, we will regularly offer additional opportunities to earn extra Crowns. These opportunities will only be available to current LPC Princes and may include writing guest blog posts, recording videos, completing surveys, providing feedback on potential new products, completing special challenges, or other activities.

By providing rewards through the Crown Club, rather than individual coupon codes, you are able to combine rewards together to redeem them toward larger purchases, rather than being limited to only a single smaller redemption per order.

If you do not have an account in the Crown Club, click here for more information and to sign up.

How do I earn cash commissions as a Brand Rep?

To earn cash commissions on your referred purchases, please sign up for our Affiliate Program. For more information and to enroll, click here.

How do you choose who to feature on social media and other platforms?

By participating in the Brand Rep program, signing the Brand Representative Agreement, and by posting images in LPC apparel on your own account and submitting additional images to Littlest Prince via email, you are granting permission for Littlest Prince to use these images in our own marketing efforts.

The images that you post in your own social media account and submit to us via email will be used in a variety of settings. These settings may include our website, social media accounts, email campaigns, blog posts, print or web-based advertisements, or other marketing purposes. We may also have images that are used on third party platforms and marketplaces, with which we have a direct affiliation, including, but not limited to Amazon, Etsy, Zulily, and others.

Unfortunately, we are not able to use 100% of the images we receive. The images we use are chosen on a variety of factors, such as how each one fits with our current promotions, aesthetics, seasonality, the quality of the image, etc. Some images that are submitted to us may not be used until weeks or months later, when the image fits within a specific campaign.

Images are not chosen based on the child's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, political beliefs, or any other discriminatory factors. That being said, we attempt to cultivate a culture of diversity within our brand, and will do our best to portray children and families that represent all variations of the groups listed above.


What are the monthly expectations for Brand Reps?

The monthly expectations are as follows:

  • Monthly coupons must be redeemed within 7 days of issue in order to allow sufficient time to complete all other requirements within the month.
  • Within 10 days of receiving products, Representatives agree to provide in-depth reviews of each product received, via the website review system
  • Within 30 days of coupon issue, the Representative agrees to complete the following:
  • Post at least 3 unique images on your own social media account, preferably at different times throughout the month
  • Provide at least 6 unique images via email to Littlest Prince (please use the photo upload form in the brand rep portal)
  • Post at least 3 instagram stories about Littlest Prince (sharing codes/promotions, outfits, positive and honest thoughts about the company)
  • Throughout duration of contract, Representatives agree to frequently engage and interact with Littlest Prince’s posts on social media through liking and commenting (minimum of 3x per week)

If any deliverables are not of the quality that we expect, we will inform the Representative within 7 days of receipt to ask for changes, at which time the Representative will have 7 days to make corrections and resubmit. Failure to do so will result in being placed on probation from the program, and no further monthly coupons will be issued until the Representative is brought back into good standing.

These monthly expectations are subject to review and may change at any time. If any changes are made, they will be communicated in writing and require additional action on the part of the Representative to confirm receipt and acknowledgement. If any Representative does not agree with the changes or does not comply with the new expectations, they will be removed from the program.

What are the guidelines I should follow in taking images and creating content?

Images and social media posts:

  • Representatives are expected to take high-quality, unique images of the product received. Unique images are defined as using different products, outfits, styling, settings, etc, not simply the same outfit and setting with different poses.
  • Use natural lighting and creative settings and stylings
  • Use creative and engaging captions, with positive and honest information about the company included
  • Do not refer to specific prices for products
  • Include hashtags #littlestprincecouture and #LPCPrince on all posts, in addition to any other relevant hashtags
  • Tag @littlestprincecouture in the text and photo

Product Reviews:

  • All reviews should be honest and well thought out
  • Reviews should include complete sentences and be free of any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Reviews should also include an image of the clothing, preferably modeled

Social Media Engagement:

  • Representatives are expected to like posts and leave comments that are honest, positive, and well thought out
  • Whenever possible, Representatives should engage with other commenters, and assist them with any questions that they can answer (some questions will need to be handled directly by Littlest Prince staff)

These brand guidelines are subject to review and may change at any time. If any changes are made, they will be communicated in writing and require additional action on the part of the Representative to confirm receipt and acknowledgement. If any Representative does not agree with the changes or does not comply with the new expectations, they will be removed from the program.


How do you verify that the requirements have been met each month?

As we are a team of moms with lots of little kids that we must take care of while keeping this business running smoothly, we have opted to have all of our Brand Reps self-verify that they have met each month's requirements. While this process is largely on the honor system, we will be spot checking each evaluation form for accuracy, and will suspend any accounts that provide false information. So please, play nice. :)

What happens if I do not meet the monthly requirements in a given month?

If you've worked with us before, you know we are pretty chill. If you don't complete your requirements in a given month, or the deliverables are not of the quality that we expect, we will let you know that you haven't met the expectations, and give you 7 days to make any corrections and complete any unfinished requirements. Failure to do so will result in being placed on probation from the program, meaning your store discount will be suspended and no further monthly coupons will be issued until your account is brought back into good standing by completing any overdue requirements.

We are moms, and while we expect that you will take your role as a brand rep seriously, we understand that sometimes life happens. If you find you cannot fulfill your duties as a brand rep for Littlest Prince at any time, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, we ask that you notify us promptly so that we can work together to find a solution. If we cannot find a solution, we reserve the right to immediately end any and all agreements with a brand rep due to non-completion of services.


Can dads participate?

While it is entirely optional, we would LOVE to have dads participate whenever possible.

When dads participate in the program, the brand reps will receive an additional $20 to select matching or coordinating men's apparel. Just be aware that when this option is selected, Dad must be willing to participate in at least one of your social media posts and at least two of the unique images that you email to us.

Since we know that not all family situations allow for regular participation from Dad, and our product offerings change regularly, the Daddy & Me Brand Rep Program will be offered on a month-to-month basis, and a brand rep that has participated in one month may or may not be selected to participate in it the following month, based on availability. If you would like for Dad to participate, you must indicate and acknowledge the additional requirements when you fill out your monthly self-verification email. If you have been selected to participate for the coming month, you will be notified when your monthly coupon is issued.

What other opportunities might I have to earn more free product?

We adore our brand reps and want to give you as many additional opportunities to earn more discounts and free product as possible!

We will regularly email you about additional activities that you can complete in order to earn even more. These activities may include the following:

  • Writing guest blog posts
  • Recording videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Providing feedback on potential new products
  • Completing special challenges
  • Other activities

When these other activities are completed, they will be rewarded via Crowns in our Crown Club program (click here for more information and to enroll in the free program). This allows you to combine rewards together to redeem them toward larger purchases, rather than being limited to only a single redemption per order.

As these opportunities are announced to you, you will be notified via email. The email will include information on exactly what to do, the value of completing the activity (the number of Crowns you will receive), how many Reps can participate, and how soon after completion you can expect to receive your reward.

If you have any additional ideas on how you can provide value to our brand, please email us at We'd love to hear from you!


What is a High Prince?

Select LPC Princes that show extra initiative and creativity will be promoted to the title of High Prince, our exclusive VIP level for our Brand Reps.

What additional perks do High Princes receive?

High Princes will receive a higher monthly coupon amount for more free product ($60 instead of $40) and a higher additional discount toward all other purchases (25% off instead of 15% off). In addition, High Princes will be the first to be offered opportunities to test new products. We will also have exclusive opportunities for High Princes to earn more free product that are not available to all Brand Reps.

How do you get promoted to High Prince?

High Prince promotions are available by invite only. After 3-6 months of active participation, LPC Princes that show extra initiative will be invited to become High Princes.

High Princes will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Submitting exceptionally high quality images, with high levels of creativity and originality
  • Frequent and engaged participation in our brand community by going beyond the minimum number of required likes/comments on our social media posts, posting thoughtful and well-written comments that help to engage other community members and customers
  • Engaging with and replying to comments from other community members and customers
  • Finding new creative ways to help us promote our brand and values
  • Exceptional representation of our brand and values, both online and offline


What if I have an idea on how to improve the Brand Rep program?

While we have spent countless hours in creating this program and trying to think through every detail, we are human (and moms who are often distracted by our children), meaning there is a high probability that we have made a mistake or overlooked something. If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve this program, please feel free to reach out to us at We welcome any and all comments and feedback. While we may not be able to implement all changes or ideas, we will do our best to accommodate what we can.


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