Earn cash through the Littlest Prince Affiliate Program!


You already love the clothes, so why not make some money while sharing about them with your friends, family, and fan base? The best part is that in addition to earning commissions, you'll play a huge role in helping us further our mission to save the lives of infants around the world.

If you have a content site, social media following, or another place where you regularly talk about things you love, our affiliate program is for you! We'll give you all the resources you need to be successful.


Our affiliate program is set up to be simple and help you see success quickly. It's as easy as including a link to Littlest Prince on your website or sharing a coupon code with your followers! When your readers click on your link, it will take them to our website, where they can shop our vast selection of clothes for boys. At this point, if they make a purchase, you can earn a commission on those sales. After you are accepted into the program, you'll receive an email with more detailed information, such as an outline of the commission structure and other important program rules.

This process is absolutely free, simple, and allows you to start earning commissions in just minutes!



- Up to 15% commissions

- 30 day cookies

- Discount codes for referrals

- Frequent bonuses and promotions

- Simple user dashboard

- Tools for success


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a process for earning a commission by promoting another person or company’s products. When you find a product that you like, you can promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each customer that you refer.

Why should I join? 

If you are already shopping at Littlest Prince and telling your friends and family about us, why not make some extra spending money while you’re at it? Plus, as you refer customers to our site, you’ll also be helping us further our mission in saving the lives of infants around the world. Click here to learn more about our mission.

How do I get started?

We’ve tried to make this process as simple as possible! Simply sign up for an affiliate account by clicking here or the JOIN NOW link above. You’ll then be given a discount code and a shareable link, which you can give to friends, followers, or your own customers. Whenever someone uses either the code or the link, you’ll earn a percent of the amount of money they spent. You'll be able to start earning commissions within minutes!

What technical skills do I need?

None! This program is designed to work with the activities you already do on the internet each day, such as participating in online conversations and posting on social media. Of course, there are other, more technical activities that you can do, like putting banner ads on your website or blog, but these are optional. And if you would like to do them but don’t know how, just ask! We’d love to help you.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

Nope. We pay you. That’s how it works! :) Ideally, the best affiliates are also customers themselves, who genuinely love the clothes we sell and can demonstrate the ways that they personally use and wear them, but again, this is entirely optional.

How much can I earn?

We offer unlimited commissions on any orders you refer to us. There is literally NO LIMIT to the amount you can earn! Plus, we provide several ways for you to be more involved and even INCREASE your earning potential! We have set up a system with levels, where when you reach certain milestones based on the amount of sales you have referred, you will earn a higher percentage of commission. We also have a program to pay you when you refer another affiliate to us and that person sends us a new customer! And if that isn’t enough, we have frequent promotions for bonuses, such as high order bonuses and extra commissions on particular products.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can either use the discount code you supply to them or they can use the referral link you give them or link to a banner you place on your site. In order to create a more personalized experience for your followers, you are able to change your discount code through your affiliate portal and create custom referral links to specific products, collections, or other pages on the website.

Can I join your affiliate program if I am outside the United States?

Sure thing! We ship our products all over the world and welcome customers and affiliates from all over. However, just be sure that you are aware of any laws or regulations in your home country for participating in programs like this. We are only familiar with the laws here in the United States, and cannot be held responsible for any limitations that exist in other countries.

Can I join if I am participating in another affiliate program?

Of course! Passive income is a wonderful thing, and some of the best affiliate marketers are ones who participate in several different programs. Then they are able to recommend many different products across multiple markets that can complement each other and help each of the businesses succeed even more, while building a more diverse following for themselves. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Can I be a brand rep and earn affiliate commissions?

Absolutely! Our brand reps are our best affiliate partners. This arrangement allows you to essentially double-dip - you earn free product AND you earn money, just by telling others how much you love our products. How awesome is that?!

How do I check my statistics to see how I’m doing?

After you create your account, you’ll log into your affiliate portal here. All of your main stats will be on the dashboard, but you can also dig deeper and see the exact customers that you have referred, their order values and the date that they ordered, how much you earned per sale, and more. The dashboard is pretty simple and user friendly, but you can always reach out to us for help. If you are experiencing a technical difficulty, there is also a link on your portal to reach directly out to the application developers (as we probably won’t know the answer to that).

What resources do you provide?

We provide several tools to help you get started, such as a unique coupon code and referral link, either of which you can customize and update. We also provide a number of select images that you can download from the affiliate portal and post on your website or social media feeds. However, we ask that you do not use other images from our website or social media that are not provided in the portal. The images that we use are of children, and some parents have limited the number of ways the images can be used, so we want to respect that. Besides, the most successful affiliates are the most honest and authentic, which is best portrayed through sharing their own experiences and pictures.

What if I have more questions?

After you join the program, you'll be sent an email with much more information, such as the exact commission structure, tips for getting started, and other important program details. However, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at