What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a process for earning a commission by promoting another person or company’s products. When you find a product that you like, you can promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each customer that you refer.

What technical skills do I need?

None! This program is designed to work with the activities you already do on the internet each day, such as participating in online conversations and posting on social media. Of course, there are other, more technical activities that you can do, like putting banner ads on your website or blog, but these are optional. And if you would like to do them but don’t know how, just ask! We’d love to help you.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

Nope. We pay you. That’s how it works! :) Ideally, the best affiliates are also customers themselves, who genuinely love the clothes we sell and can demonstrate the ways that they personally use and wear them, but this is entirely optional.

How much can I earn?

We offer unlimited commissions on any orders you refer to us. There is literally NO LIMIT to the amount you can earn! Plus, we provide several ways for you to be more involved and even INCREASE your earning potential! We have set up a system with levels, where when you reach certain milestones based on the amount of sales you have referred, you will earn a higher percentage of commission. We also have a program to pay you when you refer another affiliate to us and that person sends us a new customer! And if that isn’t enough, we have frequent promotions for bonuses, such as high order bonuses and extra commissions on particular products.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can either use the discount code you supply to them or they can use the referral link you give them or link to a banner you place on your site. In order to create a more personalized experience for your followers, you are able to change your discount code through your affiliate portal and create custom referral links to specific products, collections, or other pages on the website. To create a custom link, simply navigate to the page on our store, copy the URL, and then in your affiliate portal, click the link on the main page that says “Create a referral link for a specific page” and paste the URL there. The system will generate a unique link for you.

Anytime an order is processed using either your discount code or your referral link, you will get credit for the sale. Essentially, we take the last action the customer takes prior to making their purchase and count that as the action that generated the sale. For example, let’s say that Jessica has been browsing the internet looking for boys’ clothes. She is already on our email list and gets our emails, and she saw one of our ads while scrolling through Facebook and has visited our website a few times, but then she sees a post from you about how much you love our clothes. She clicks on your link and that’s when she pulls the trigger and places her order, so you get credit for it.

Can I refer myself?

No, if you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for yourself, you will not be awarded a commission on those sales. Any affiliates that abuse this policy will be removed from the program.

Can I offer my followers a coupon code?

Yes! When you first filled out your application, you were asked what you would like your coupon code to be. You can make this code as unique as you are, so that you have a personal touch when you refer your followers and customers to our shop. You can also change that coupon any time you want through your affiliate portal. This way you can alter the code so that it is more seasonally relevant or relevant to a particular product you are promoting.

Can customers use my coupon code more than once?

No, referral coupon codes are only good for a single use per customer.

Can I participate in multiple affiliate programs with other brands?

Of course! Passive income is a wonderful thing, and some of the best affiliate marketers are ones who participate in several different programs. Then they are able to recommend many different products across multiple markets that can complement each other and help each of the businesses succeed even more, while building a more diverse following for themselves. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Can I be a brand rep and earn affiliate commissions?

Absolutely! Our brand reps are our best affiliate partners. This arrangement allows you to essentially double-dip - you earn free product AND you earn money, just by telling others how much you love our products. How awesome is that?!

How do I check my statistics to see how I’m doing?

After you create your account, you’ll log into your affiliate portal here. All of your main stats will be on the dashboard, but you can also dig deeper and see the exact customers that you have referred, their order values and the date that they ordered, how much you earned per sale, and more. The dashboard is pretty simple and user friendly, but you can always reach out to us for help. If you are experiencing a technical difficulty, there is also a link on your portal to reach directly out to the application developers (as we probably won’t know the answer to that).


What resources do you provide?

We provide several tools to help you get started, such as a unique coupon code and referral link, either of which you can customize and update. We also provide a number of select images that you can download from the affiliate portal and post on your website or social media feeds. However, we ask that you do not use other images from our website or social media that are not provided in the portal. The images that we use are of children, and some parents have limited the number of ways the images can be used, so we want to respect that. Besides, the most successful affiliates are the most honest and authentic, which is best portrayed through sharing their own experiences and pictures.

Can I use content from your site?

Our website is copyright protected and we have all copying and right-clicking disabled, which means that you can’t download or copy any of the text or images from our site. We’ve had problems in the past from people trying to steal our designs and descriptions (and while imitation is the highest form of flattery, stealing is pretty dumb. But I digress…). We also work exclusively with children, so we take many precautions to keep their images safe from falling into the wrong hands. That being said, we provide a selection of images for your use in the affiliate portal under the “Marketing Resources” tab. Aside from these, we ask that the content that you share be your own thoughts, words, and images.

Can I create a referral link to a specific page on the website?

Yes! This is a great option if you would like to promote a specific product or collection and you want to save your followers' time by sending them exactly where they need to go. To create an additional referral link, simply navigate to the page you want to use from our website and copy the full URL. Then, on your affiliate dashboard, click the link on the main page that says "Create a referral link for a specific page" and paste the code in the box that pops up. It will instantly create a code for you!

Referral links for specific pages are much longer than your main affiliate link. If you need a simpler code for use on social media, we recommend using either a URL shortening service such as or, or an instagram link service such as or

How do I post banners on my own site?

It is a simple process to place our banner ads on your website, however you need to be careful so that everything links properly and you get credit for all sales you refer. :)

In the Marketing Resources tab in your affiliate portal, you'll find a number of images and banners that you can use. Each one has a button underneath that says "Copy HTML to clipboard." This piece of code can be placed anywhere you want to display an ad on your website and it will link to either our homepage or the product page associated with the image. However, by default, the code only contains the link to our website, NOT your affiliate link. Before publishing the ad on your site, you will want to copy the URL from the code and use it to create an additional referral link, then replace the URL in the code with your referral link.

What if there is a discount via LPC social media that is a higher discount than my referral code?

In some instances, we will be offering discounts that are greater than your referral code, particularly on specific collections. When this happens, it is in your best interest to create a referral link directly to the page for that collection, and then instruct your followers to simply go to the link and enter in the universal code we are promoting. You will still receive commission on any orders you refer.

Referral links for specific pages are much longer than your main affiliate link. If you need a simpler code for use on social media, we recommend using either a URL shortening service such as or, or an instagram link service such as or

How do I change my coupon code?

You can change your main coupon code at anytime from your affiliate dashboard. From the main page, click on "Settings" in the lower left corner, and then "Account." On the page that comes up, you can change your "Desired main discount code."

What happens if I change my coupon code?

You can only have a single valid coupon code at a time. If you change your coupon code, the old code becomes void, and only the new code will work. However, all data from the old code shares over to the new code. Thus if a customer has used a previous code, the new code still shows as invalid/used for them.

How do I change my main affiliate link?

By default, your main affiliate link is set up as firstname-lastname. If you need to change your main affiliate link, please email us at with the code you would like to use for your affiliate link, and we'll get it changed for you. :)


How do you pay commissions?

All of our commissions are paid out electronically via PayPal.

How often do you pay commissions?

The short answer is every month on the first Monday of the month (unless it happens to be a holiday, in which case it would be paid out on the following business day). However, there is a little more that goes into it that you should be aware of.

Commissions are calculated and added to your account immediately after an order is placed, however we apply a holding period of 14 days on the order to ensure we have had enough time to fulfill the order and for the customer to receive the order before commissions are paid. Your earned commissions (including both payable and commissions from orders less than 14 days old that are not ready to be paid) can be quickly seen on your affiliate portal dashboard. If you click on the “Payments” tab, you can see both your full balance and the portion that is payable. This second amount is what you can expect to be paid on the next pay date.

Is there a minimum balance for payout?

No, you will be paid out on the first Monday of the month whether you have $1, $100, or $1000 in your balance.

Is there a minimum order price to earn a commission?

The minimum order price is $8. All this means that if someone is getting an order for free (only paying shipping) then you won’t earn any commission on this order. They have to be actually paying money for their products in order for you to earn a commission.

How is the order total calculated for determining commission?

The order total is calculated by taking the sum of all of the products ordered and subtracting any discounts, shipping, and taxes. Let’s give an example: You refer Stacy to our store and give her a 20% off coupon code. She purchases two items at $15 each, or $30, which after the 20% discount, now cost a total of $24. She then pays $6 in shipping and $1.87 in taxes, so her total order amount is $31.87. Your commission would be based off of the $24 in product costs after discounts.

What if my referral doesn’t show up in reporting?

Technology always works perfectly until it doesn’t. All referred sales should be immediately available in your portal. If you referred a customer to us and their purchase isn’t showing up in your reporting tab, please allow up to 24 hours for it to appear, just in case there is a lag. If after 24 hours it is still not showing up, please send an email to with the customer name and email address so we can research and find out what happened.

What happens if my referral returns their purchase for a refund?

If a referral returns their purchase, the commission that you earned on that purchase would be deducted from your account. We only deduct the amount that was specifically for the items returned, so if the customer purchases three items and only returns one, then you will still keep your commission earned on the other two.

What happens if I refer the same customer more than once?

Anytime an order is processed using either your discount code or your referral link, you will get credit for the sale, regardless of the number of times that customer has ordered from us. A customer can only use your coupon once, but anytime they use your link, regardless of whether it is their first order or twenty-first, you'll get credit. As a bonus, when you reach the highest level in our affiliate program, Level 5, we will continue to pay you commissions on all of your referred customers for as long as they remain our customer, regardless of whether they make a purchase directly through you or if they click on an ad or from our emails or come directly to the site to make a purchase.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a little piece of code that is placed on your computer whenever you visit a website. Cookies store data which allows websites to load faster when you come back to them, keep track of your movements on the site, help you resume where you left off, remember your login information or other preferences, and other functions. From a business perspective, cookies allow us to see where our customers come from, and what they do on our site so we can learn what is working and what is not working and improve the experience for everyone who visits.

When a customer comes to our website through your referral link, this information is stored in the cookie that is placed on their computer, identifying them as your referral. This way, even if they don’t complete their purchase immediately and come back later to finalize it, you will still get credit.

What is your cookie duration?

Our cookies are valid for 30 days. This means that if a customer comes to our website via your referral link, they have up to 30 days to make a purchase and you will still get credit. This can really help you maximize your marketing strategy, knowing that not necessarily everyone will make their purchase the first time you tell them about our products, but if you keep talking about it, even if they go back on their own later, you will still get the commission.

What is the holding period?

After a referral makes a purchase, we hold the funds in your balance for 14 days before releasing it to your payable amount. This gives us time to fill the order and for the customer to receive it before we pay you for it. Since most returns are made within the first week of receiving an order, it will minimize the number of deductions you might get from customers returning their products and receiving a refund.


How can I earn more commissions?

We’ve set up a tiered or level system in our affiliate program where the more you refer, the higher commissions you earn! Each level is based on the cumulative total amount in sales you have referred to Littlest Prince, and each level comes with new perks and rewards in addition to increased commissions, including increased coupon values for your referrals and even lifetime commissions on referrals.

While it will take effort to be promoted to higher tiers, we've structured the program to make earning higher commissions entirely achievable. Many affiliates are promoted to Level 2 within their first week as an affiliate, and to Level 3 in the first month or two.

Here's the full commission structure:

Can I refer other people to join your affiliate program?

Absolutely! Qualified affiliates are eligible to receive additional commissions on the affiliates that you refer to our program. To qualify, you must reach Level 2 in the affiliate program OR complete one full month as a brand rep (defined as completed ALL requirements for the month and turned in your monthly verification form). This qualification is to ensure that you are familiar enough with the program that you can set realistic expectations for your referrals and answer basic questions they may have. Please note that we must manually enable this program in your account, so it may take a few days.

Make sure that when you refer affiliates, they know to use YOUR sign up link (found in your affiliate dashboard after the program is enabled) when they sign up as an affiliate. If they also apply to be a brand rep, they will be sent default affiliate signup links, which will not connect them to your account. You do not need a special link to refer other brand reps, only when they join the affiliate program.

Once you are in the referral program, you’ll earn an extra 3% commission on any sales from the affiliates that you directly refer to the program, and even an extra 1% on sales from affiliates that your referrals refer! Here’s what that looks like:

What are lifetime commissions on referrals?

When you reach Level 5 in our program, you will earn lifetime commissions on customers that you refer. Normally, a customer has to either use your coupon code or link in order for you to be eligible for commissions. However, once you reach Level 5, once you refer a customer to Littlest Prince, you will earn commissions on every purchase that they make in our store. That means if you refer them to our shop and two months later they see an email from us and make a purchase, and then six months after that they go directly to our website to make a purchase, you will still earn commissions on each of those orders.

Are there any other ways to earn extra money?

I’m glad you asked, because we DO have more ways to earn extra money! We have a standing bonus of an extra $5 any time one of your refer an order of $100 or more. Plus we will frequently offer promotions for bonuses on specific products and even competitions! Check your affiliate portal for more information. :)


Do you issue 1099’s?

Federal law requires that we issue a Form 1099 to all affiliates that earn more than $600 within a calendar year. Once you earn close to this amount, we will send you the paperwork to fill out so that we can issue the form at the end of the year. If you haven’t filled out this form when we request it, we will not be able to continue paying your commissions until we have it on file.

Where can I read the affiliate program terms and conditions?

Right here.

What happens if two affiliates refer the same customer?

If two affiliates refer the same customer, credit is given to the affiliate that most recently referred them. So let’s say Julie sees a post from Affiliate A, visits the website and browses around for a bit, but then doesn’t make a purchase until she sees another post from Affiliate B, at which point she clicks their link and places her order. Affiliate B would get the commission, because they were the ones that prompted her to actually make and complete the purchase.

What if I am already a member of the Crown Club? Will I still earn Crowns on my referrals?

Unfortunately you can only earn either Crowns or commissions, not both. However, you will still earn Crowns on other activities, such as leaving reviews and making purchases for yourself.

What if I decide to opt out of the affiliate program?

If you would like to leave the affiliate program, please send us an email at We can arrange for a payout of any commissions due and close your account.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

We’re here to answer any other questions you may have! Just send us an email to and we’ll be sure to help you out right away. :)


+1 (480) 899-8270