Embrace the Chaos

Embrace the Chaos

Surviving the Holidays
(and any other time)

Life is crazy.

It is hectic and stressful and chaotic. 

But it is also exciting and energizing and beautiful.

With the holidays and the pandemonium that comes along rapidly approaching faster than my kids running into the room when they hear me open a bag of chips, I wanted to write out some quick thoughts.

The next few months will be complete and utter chaos. 

Right now we have fall festivals and costume parties and pumpkin patches and soccer season and lists of 101 things that you have to do with your kids this fall. 

Then come all of the family gatherings and cooking and shopping and recitals and moving the dang elf and crafts and church activities and decorations and service projects and visits to Santa and school concerts and snow and more shopping and then wrapping all the things you shopped for and another list of the 2756 most important things you need to do with your kids so they have happy holiday memories and grow up to be happy adults with happy families of their own. 

Oh, and don't forget...

You still have normal life on top of all of that. You still have to work and clean the house and pay the bills and help with homework and do the laundry (maybe). 

But here’s the thing - this season is chaotic no matter what. Unless you turn off all of your electronics and move out into the country far away from every commercialized anything, you’ll be surrounded by chaos. So instead of treating the chaos like a frantic and frenzied tornado of a time, just embrace it.

Embrace. The. Chaos.

You, mama, are beautiful. You are a great mom - the exact mom your kids need right now. They love you, and they are turning into perfectly wonderful little humans.

So what?

So what if you didn’t carve pumpkins again this year and your kids’ costumes came from the store? So what if your gingerbread house looks more like something that would give nightmares to everyone from the Nightmare Before Christmas? So what if you (gasp!) don’t move the stupid elf and you have to threaten your children with calling Santa every 5 minutes to get them to just be quiet for a few minutes so you can get the dang dishes washed? 

So what?

Here’s what: 

Your kids still have costumes, and they will love trick or treating just the same. You’re a great mom! 

The fact that you even tried to make a gingerbread house and how you laugh about how awful it looks will be a memory they will keep forever. You’re a great mom! 

And maybe you do need to lock yourself in the pantry for 5 minutes and eat some holiday candy in peace, then take a few deep breaths, and then forget the dishes for right now, and go play with your kids. You’re a great mom, and they want YOU.

Embrace the chaos, love this season of crazy life, and celebrate the excitement of the holidays with your beautiful family.

In the meantime, we’ve done our part in making your holiday season just a little bit easier. Shop apparel for all of the upcoming festivities below, check that off your list, then get back to loving on those cute babies!

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